This page provides a summary of the Health & Wellness Membership Program, plus some useful forms & links

Membership Program Details


The following summarizes the benefits & details of your Health Program Membership:

Unlimited Appointments + In-Clinic Lab Tests – with no extra charges

  • Your plan includes unlimited appointments on medically-necessary basis, this is for all participants; all premium levels

  • Your plan includes unlimited in-clinic lab tests for your condition as prescribed by our providers (see listing of $0 lab tests at bottom of Prices page)

  • Your plan includes 30-minute appointments only;  extra time for extended consultation, multiple conditions, etc. is at a cost of $20 per 15 minutes

  • Appointments during office hours on as-available basis (emergencies etc should visit local Urgent Care or hospital)

  • Extra $25 charge for no-show or same-day appointment cancellations

  • Be on time - coming 15mins late may result in cancellation and $25 fee


Definitions of SINGLE, COUPLE & FAMILY

  • SINGLE = 1 person, adult or child, any age

  • COUPLE = 2 people, married or living together in civil partnership

  • FAMILY = 1 or 2 parents plus any number of natural or adopted children between the ages of 2 - 21 living with you at same address


Program Acceptance

  • Acceptance into the program will be confirmed following our review of your application

  • In case of mismatch between the visit history provided on your application and medical history, we reserve the right to change your premium or cancel your membership

  • Program benefits begin following payment of the administration fee and first month's payment


Premium Info

  • The monthly premium is set based on the information that you have provided on your application

  • If your actual appointments are more frequent than indicated on your application, then your premium will be adjusted upwards to match

  • We reserve the right to make premium adjustments over time; in case of any change, we notify you in advance of any change to your automatic withdrawal 


Cancellation / Termination

  • You may cancel your program participation at any time and for any reason – without penalty and without cost; however, there is also not any refund of fees paid

  • Cancellation is effective immediately from the date you email us  your  request to cancel

  • If you cancel within 2 months of sign-up, you agree to pay the difference between any visits made and our standard rates via ACH withdrawal

  • We may cancel your membership in case of non-payment or abuse of visit privileges (eg, visits without medical reason)


Reactivation & Payment  (The Fine Print)

  • Reinstatement after cancellation or termination requires payment missing monthly fees plus the admin fee

  • Membership fees are by auto-charge only – no cash or check payment except for month #1

  • All premium and admin fees paid are non-refundable


Exclusions, Insurance & Possible Program Changes (More Fine Print JJ)

  • All plans exclude separately-priced items including diagnostic tests, x-rays or other imaging, separately-priced tests, immunizations or shots, supplies (stitches kit, etc) or specially-priced items (such as well-woman exams)).  Please see the bottom of the pricing page for further info on these items.

  • No receipt of payment is made for clinic visits; these can therefore not be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement

  • Although we don’t plan to change program details, we are free to change this program at any time – however, in case of any cost change, we will provide 1 months’ notice via email - all other changes will be noted on website (this page)

NOTE: we do not treat COVID-19 patients

- for this, please visit your local emergency room

This information has last been updated on October 15, 2019

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