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Exercise & TV - say whaaat?!?

We all know we need to exercise. And we mean actually to get it done too.

But we are busy and don’t see any way to fit in changing clothes, getting in the car, driving to the gym, working out, then showering and dressing and driving back home.

So, we will do it..... tomorrow.

But tomorrow it’s too hot outside or it’s raining or, whatever. So, here is one busy person’s suggestion to squeeze some exercise time into your day.

Here's a secret - Use your TV !!

If the TV is on while you cook dinner, do some calf strengthening during each commercial break. When the commercial comes on, roll up onto your toes, then back down in a controlled way through each of the commercials.

If you are sitting on the couch watching TV, then make it a point to stand up and march in place or do jumping jacks, or windmills through all of the commercials. You can even sit up straight, put your hands behind your head and then pick up your left knee and touch your R elbow, then alternate with right knee/left elbow. Or, sit on the edge of your chair or couch, set your core, and ride your imaginary bicycle while 6 different companies try to get your money.

These sets of exercises last for the duration of the commercial break—3 minutes.

If you do this ten times during your evening TV time, you will have added 30 minutes of exercise into your day in a relatively painless and unobtrusive way.

Now that's making use of the TV commercial break, isn't it?!?

Beverly J. Howard, PhD, RN, FNP-BC

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