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Swimmer's Ear - stop the pain!

Swimmers Ear can hurt kids of all ages

Spring is here and with warmer weather, pool time and water recreational activities are just around the corner.

When my children were little, one of the most painful ailments we encountered was otitis externa, or "swimmer's ear".

This can come up suddenly after getting water in the ear and is commonly prevented by putting a few drops of an over the counter solution made primarily of rubbing alcohol to kill the bacteria and dry the ear canal.

However, if the war is already irritated, that can sting and make it an unpleasant experience for you and your child.

As an alternative, try using Witch Hazel. It is an astringent which will disinfect and dry the ear without stinging. You may even have some in the house if you have had a piercing recently. This is the cleaning solution many piercing practitioners use post-procedure because it doesn’t sting and burn like alcohol.

Beverly J. Howard, PhD, RN, FNP-BC

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