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Vape or Smoke? Is one healthier?

Many people have started to use the e-cigarette or vapor pen.

Why? Maybe to stop smoking, wean themselves off cigarettes, or just to be able to smoke in areas where smoking is prohibited.

Many of my patients have expressed a belief that the e-cigarettes “must be healthier” than conventional cigarettes.

This may not be true.

In a recent study, the risks for heart attack was essentially the same both for patients who smoked e-cigarettes or those who smoked conventional cigarettes.

In patients who used both conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes (the most common use pattern among patients in this study) they found a 5-fold increase in their risk for heart attack.

So, at least as far as risk for heart attack is concerned, vaping or smoking e-cigarettes does NOT lower your risk.

Be healthy!

Beverly J. Howard, PhD, RN, FNP-BC

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