Are appointments really just $75?
YES - a 30-minute appointment is just $75
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Frequently-Asked Questions

What is included in our $75 Flat-Rate Pricing?


That's right - our $75 price includes everything related to your visit

  • 30-minute consultation with the provider 

  • All supplies, except the $35 suture kit (in case you need stitches)

  • In-clinic lab test relevant to your condition (1 test per visit)

What is NOT included in our $75 Flat-Rate Pricing?

Only 2 things are not included in our $75 flat-rate pricing:

  • Insurance filing - these prices are for cash payment only

  • The suture kit (in case you need stitches)

Everything else is already in the $75 flat-rate price!

Do complex or longer appointments cost more?

No - except in the case of visits which go over 30 minutes or where you may request multiple in-clinic lab tests.  In those cases, there is a  $35 charge for the first 15 minutes or a $65 charge for each extra 30-minute time slot.  Members, of course pay nothing for their visit and only $20 per 15 minutes extra.

The first in-clinic lab test is always free, but if you need more then that's just $25 each.  Unless, you're a member, in which case, these are FREE.

We'd love to not charge anything to everyone, but that's just not possible... 

Is there really no waiting for my appointment?

Yes, as much as practical, there is no long doctor office wait at our clinic for your appointment. :)

The way we manage this is that - unless you tell us in advance that you need a double-appointment, we may split your appointment to avoid forcing others scheduled after you to wait.  If that is necessary, we can usually finish your visit in a second appointment scheduled for later on the same day or following day.

In this way, nobody waits, and the overall cost of healthcare is kept low.