"All-in" $75 Cash Price 

Our fee structure for cash patients is $75 per appointment - including in-house lab test appropriate to your condition.  Really - it's true!  Click to read the fine print.

And, even better, kids physicals are just $30 for school, camp or sports activities.


Low Price Guaranteed...


If you you find the same service available elsewhere in Alvin for a lesser price, just let us know and we'll beat that by 20%.

Please note - we keep prices low by collecting the appointment /lab draw fee at the time of booking.  Thank you for your understanding.


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Procedure Pricing Summary (click any link below for more details)


$75: Chronic Condition Monitoring

$75: Minor illnesses

$75: Minor injuries

$75: Skin conditions

$75: Wellness & physicals

n/a   In-clinic labs & tests 

        (no extra charge!)

$25: telephone prescription refill

$25: telephone consultation

        (optional visit follow-up)

$25: Missed appointment fee

The procedures listed below are a sample of our most popular services - if you don;t see what you are looking for, please contact us or call 281-585-3505.

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Procedure Pricing 

Chronic Condition Monitoring: $75    

$75     Allergy / Epinephrine prescription

$75     Asthma

$75     Arthritis

$75     Diabetes incl glucose A1C test

$75     Hypertension incl cholesterol test

Minor illnesses: $75    
$75     Allergy symptoms
$75     Bronchitis & coughs
$75     Earaches & ear infections
$75     Flu-like symptoms, incl test if required
$75     Gout
$75     Indigestion & Heartburn
$75     Mouth & oral conditions
$75     Mouth & oral pain
$75     Nausea, vomiting & diarrhea
$75     Sinus infections & congestion
$75     Sore & strep throat, incl test if required

$75     Urinary Tract Infection, incl test if required
$75     Upper respiratory infections

Minor injuries: $75    
$75     Bug bites & stings
$75     Minor burns
$75     Splinter removal
$75     Sprains, strains & joint pain

$75+   Sutures application + supplies cost
$75     Suture & staple removal
$75     Tick bites

Skin Conditions & Other: $75    
$75     Acne
$75     Athlete's foot
$75     Chicken pox
$75     Cold, canker & mouth sores
$75     Dermatitis, rashes & skin irritations

$75     Ear wax removal
$75     Hair Loss
$75     Impetigo
$75     Lice
$75     Minor Psoriasis
$75     Poison ivy & poison oak
$75     Ringworm
$75     Rosacea
$75     Scabies
$75     Shingles
$75     Sunburn
$75     Swimmer's itch
$75     Wart evaluation

Exams & Physicals: $30+    
$75     Comprehensive medical exams
$30     Camp/School/Sports physicals

In-clinic Lab Tests: $0  (included if required)    
$0       Blood sugar test

                  - incl with Diabetes Monitoring

$0       Cholesterol test

                  - incl with Hypertension Monitoring

$0       Flu test influenza A / B

                   - incl with flu appointment
$0       Pregnancy test

                   - incl with medical exam if required
$0       Strep test (rapid)

                    - incl with strep appointment
$0       Urine dip stick

                     - incl with urinary tract appointment

Non-clinic Lab Tests:  

>> sample taken in clinic; analysis completed at external facility
$85     Pap Smear

                  - additional fee; total Well Woman visit is $150

Excluded Costs:  

All visit prices and membership plans EXCLUDE all separately-priced items including but not limited to:

  • diagnostic tests, x-rays or other imaging

  • separately-priced tests

  • immunizations or shots

  • supplies (stitches kit, etc) 

  • well woman exam (incl pap smear)

We guarantee lowest price on all lab tests - please ask for details


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